Casanova Casting

Casanova Casting for Android devices continues the series of hot adventures that began in the hotel of the same name. This time, you will enjoy two hot beauties who are quite worth your precious attention.

The title is available only in English.

However, it’s not a downside since this language is spoken by many people in the world. All conversations are extremely simple and understandable even to a novice gamer. So, there won’t be any problems with perception.

The distinctive feature of the series is also preserved. These are guitar chords. To gain the heart of a beautiful woman you need to amaze her with the art of true mariachi. On the other hand, the user interface here is much simpler than its counterpart Real Guitar.

So, anyone, even a kid will be able to play the desired melody. If your lover does not like your song, do not worry. Nobody will humiliate you for this.

Key features of the game

  • 2 hot ladies, waiting for a nice gentleman;
  • An absorbing storyline;
  • Hard training for a real pickup;
  • Bright picture in the anime style;
  • Hot adult stuff for true Don Juans.