Pocket Waifu

Nothing can surpass the thrill that you experience when you find your favorite Wifu. However, it doesn’t mean that you need to fuck every sexy babe from the whole Wifu group. Well, there are playful 2D babes who expect you to amuse them, wash, feed and put them to bed. Moreover, use your gaming skill to satisfy their enormous sexual drive. It’s released by Super Hippo. The title pays tribute to the legendary Tamagotchi. So, it means that it will cause nostalgic feelings and also create a horny atmosphere for adults. If you accept the challenge, you might feel having much in common with Hugh Heffner.

The game is stuffed with cool sex scenes you will undoubtedly enjoy.

What’s the meaning of the game? Here you have an opportunity to play for a character who acts as a succubus to win girls. In the game process, you are expected to invite chicks to your house and do a lot of crazy things with them. There are enough difficult tasks in the game, but time is no less crucial. You’re free to play up to six mini-games with sexy chicks so that none of them get bored. Meet them and explore their sexuality and obscene nature.