Camera business

You are welcome to try your hand at a simulator of a pornstar manager. In this particular adult game, you are expected not only to admire the entire film production process but also competently distribute finances. What’s more, you will have to closely watch the appearance of the girl you work with, her mood and health. If something goes wrong, you will need to invite her to a restaurant, present a gift or bring her to the hospital.

Every movie shot doesn’t only appear to be an erotic scene involving that girl, but also a decent source of income.

So, the richer you are, the more opportunities you have. For example, you will have an opportunity to hire a professional sound engineer to the next shoot. Additionally, the actress can head for the beauty salon. As a result, she’ll be able to attract the attention of a more prestigious porn company.

You have a limited amount of time for our entire career. So, the more you achieve by the final, the more endings you can watch.