Censorship: No censorship
Platform: PC/Windows/Android
Version: v.0.13
English Language: English
Interface Language: English

Overview: Discover the beginning of a story that deals with the corruption of a government and the constant corruption of our protagonist who seeks to stop them.
Our heroine will constantly be in perverted situations in order to achieve her goal.​

This version includes the scene of Nora, Judith and Krisa.
Unfortunately the artist has not been able to work on the Minerva scene due to technical reasons. So I decided to publish 0.13 only with the 3 scenes mentioned and add Minerva’s once it’s ready. (This scene won’t have a different schedule, I’ll just add it to version 0.13 as soon as I have it).
Once again I thank you for all your support, you allow Nora’s world to exist and for that I’m very grateful to you.
My very first job, as you can see is a work in progress so please be patient and wait for the future content.