Long Live the Princess

In the adult game Long Live the Princess, you are an ordinary fellow living in a fantasy town. You have never had any special talents. However, someday you discovered in yourself the possibility of a Truthsayer. From this moment, you are capable of understanding whether people are lying to you or they are telling the truth.

A calm life in the town is disrupted by several events.

First, the king has died and his daughter, Princess Selena, is coming to your town for her coronation. Secondly, the local old witch finds you and reports that you are the only person who can save the world from an unidentified disaster. For this purpose, you require contacting Princess Selena and protecting her from evil forces.

So, you need to get prepared for the arrival of the princess and the salvation of the entire world. However, to achieve this, you should practice approaching the women in your town. So, you are expected to fuck them after they provide you with the required information. That’s the whole plot is built around.

The game is divided into days of the week. Your actions, such as talking, working, or training spend your time. The hero has several characteristics that can be developed through certain actions, and which affect some activities in the game. These are spying skills, magic, etc.

If you need something special, you can take advantage of an incest plotline with a sister. As for the game’s visuals, they aren’t top-notch, but quite acceptable.